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Welcome to MikegBARC










Side Projects

Course Update


















End of Term Update

What have you done this term?



This term i have done many things. Some of the things that i have done include, making a poster for the computer mouse to educate people about it. we have also been working very hard on our pentium 3, getting ubuntu fully loaded and changing many things about it.

What was the biggest challenge for you this term?


My biggest challenge for me this term was trying to get the pentium 3 working to its full potetial. we had to use many different free mods off of the internet, and they were very useful.



What have you learned that could be useful outside of school?

i have learned how to make a pretty bad computer into one that runs pretty well, by not even opening up the case, just by using things on the compute5r and off the internet.



Of the things you have done this term, what would you like to do more of?

I would like to do more of case mods, and things not so much on the actual computer(like on the screen), but physically fixing the internals of the computer



Side Project


My side project is my old laptop, it is a Dell Inspiron 5100. The computer is very outdated and has old technology, my goal for the project is to have it be just as good (well not maybe as good) as my MacBook Pro. I want to add a large amount of ram, maybe run over a gig, and delete all unnecesary programs that take up alot of space on the harddrive. I just want the computer to be for downloading music and to be just mostly for media purposes, so i can take some of the strain of downloading programs off my good computer. What i have done so far is delete all unwanted programs, and i am now thinking of reformating the harddrive so it is a like brand new computer.

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